Website and Marketing Choices
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As They Should?

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Start With A Strategy First Blueprint

Leading an engagement with a proper strategy in place is a foundational element of our methodology. A cohesive well thought out strategy must be in place before any set of tactics can be chosen sensibly. True momentum in the marketplace is not possible without the right strategic plan. If you do quality work and have a good reputation in the community, yet your marketing is not producing, you are working without a decent strategy. This is the equivalent of playing marketing roulette.

Vital To Properly Choose and Mix Your Marketing Tactics

With strategy first you will choose and work probabilities, not possibilities.

Everything you do will support and strengthen everything else you do. You will more powerfully impact the perceptions of perfect prospects.

Stop scratching marketing lottery tickets. Work the right comprehensive marketing plan for your business to gain traction and competitive advantage.

A Strategy First Engagement Includes

1. Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting – During this call we’ll learn about your current marketing efforts as well as future goals and objectives.

2. Total Online Presence Audit – Full review of your current online visibility: website journey, SEO, keywords, content, social media and more.

3. Core Message and Ideal Client Persona Development – We’ll conduct research or interview 5 ideal clients (depending on your package level.) You will receive interview summaries, ideal client profiles, and our recommendation for a core marketing message that will resonate with perfect prospects and separate you from competitors.

4. Editorial plan – We will recommend a content strategy for 12 months to attract and meet the needs of perfect prospects and current active buyers.

5. Customer Journey Map – Using our proprietary Marketing
Hourglass technology we’ll create a recommended roadmap
of marketing tactics for each of the phases of the customer
buying journey: Know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer.

6. Competitive Landscape – We’ll study 3 competitors and create high-level summary report on their marketing strengths and weaknesses.

7. Priority Growth Recommendations – From our
research we’ll recommend what needs fixing or
should be implemented by priority.

8. Presentation of Findings – Once we complete our work we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team via video chat to deliver the items above and relate what we believe to be your best strategic marketing approach with a few variations to choose from

9. Summary – The entire process takes 30-45 days and involves three meetings with you and your team. The strategy findings you receive will provide clear direction to connect with and interact with clones of your best clients, with a roadmap of most effective tactics to support your strategy.

Let us help you grow your business profitably, connect you with more perfect

Fee $3,000
100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do not think full value was received,
you can decide value received and pay that or nothing at all.

How to Tell If You Need Strategy First.

With a marketing strategy perfect for your business, you will:

Let’s Explore the Option of Working Together On a Strategy First Blueprint

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