Business Growth Expertise

We can’t predict the future. There is no yellow
brick road to marketing success. But experience
enables us to work probabilities, not possibilities.
We test, tweak while keeping score in an unending process to boost results, find efficiencies
and move your organization to meet marketing
and financial goals.

You Will Know What Is Being Done and How It Is Impacting Your Business

Growth marketing is planned, research-based,
measured with tactics and resources properly
mixed. All transparent. No mystery.
Growth marketing is NOT multiple hacks and
short-cuts, hazy work or flash wins not followed
by steady improving results

We Wrote Books
Access To The Duct Tape Marketing System and Network
Scott Channell and Finding Business LLC are proud (and relieved) to be a certified member of the Duct Tape Marketing Network. This matters ,as you get access to a process proven over and over again. Developed 20 years ago by John Jantsch author of the marketing classic and bestseller “Duct Tape Marketing,” to install a turnkey marketing system into small to mid-size businesses.
You benefit, and I am relieved to be a member of this network as it aligns with our 30 years of marketing experience and affords me access to the thinking caps of more than 120 certified consultants toiling in the salt mines of marketing on behalf of small business. The extensive continual learning and access to national thought leaders on topics such as traditional/offline, SEO, PPC, social media, software tools, web development and the latest digital strategies make it easier for me to guide you to a competive difference in your marketplace. Your marketing challenges are solved more easily when this system is implemented and it delivers predictable results.
Our experience and this system provide you the most comprehensive marketing strategy and most profitable implementation available. You will never feel stuck in old school marketing, that your new business efforts have plateaued or that your consultant isn’t getting results for you anymore.
Business Growth Experience in Multiple Environments
Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with clients in diverse industries. These projects have involved companies in different stages of growth and varied competitive environments. This experience provides perspective that helps you make better marketing decision.